The secret of Hockenheim: locating the site of Jim Clark’s fatal accident

Using this sketch and some google maps you should be able to locate the correct site quite easily even though there are no signs in the terrain and the original track has been dismounted and replaced by young forest.
The official memorial (in this picture) is a mile away from the actual accident site.
This is where Jim Clark died on April 7th, 1968. There is an inofficial memorial in the forest well hidden between two conifer trees. Pictures of Jim Clark, the Scottish flag and fresh flowers prove that Clark is remembered still some 50 years later.
Jim Clark’s lotus F2 was completely destroyed in the crash. Due to puncture or some other technical failure Clark lost control of his Lotus at 225 km/h and went off the track in an 45 degree angle hitting trees that instantly killed the two time world champion. On today’s tracks with wide run-off areas and protected cockpits this type of accident would most likely not be fatal.