Soma Saga, 1000km review

Soma Saga

Soma Saga is a touring bike frameset made out of chromoly steel. I have ridden mine 1300 km now, both with a drop bar and a butterfly bar, the latter with a longer stem. I have a 52 cm frame that I purchased from the US.

What I like:

  • It’s a great looking utility bike frameset
  • Huge tire clearance (on 26″ frame): I run 2.1″ studded tires during winter – with fenders!
  • It has all the mounts you need: for front and rear rack, fenders, 3 water bottle cages, plus there’s a kickstand plate, which the competing Surly Long Haul Trucker lacks; there’s even an extra spoke holder on the chainstay
  • What I don’t like:

  • – Paint quality: paint chips real easily
  • – The frame is quite heavy and slow. It’s a frame for loaded touring, and can haul heavy cargo while still handling well, but its not fast.
  • – Frame finish wasn’t perfect from the factory. The bottom bracket shell wasn’t properly chased and faced and the bottom bracket didn’t align well on first install. In the end we managed to install it without needing to reface and rechase the shell, but it was a hassle.
  • Soma Saga